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Top British spanking sites

  1. Women spank men
  2. Real spankings
  3. Bi spankings
  4. Firm spanking
  5. Girls bottoms
  6. Spanking online


Reason to join a spanking site

There are many many spanking websites around and in my opinion the 6 i have listed here are the best around. Theres no fake bullshit spanking porn but genuine spanking and my god do some of these British girls get their asses spanked! Watch some of the ladies crying and begging their master or mistress to stop as their asses are beaten red raw and they can not sit as they are to sore.

Genuine spanking sites

All my top 6 sites listed here are genuine and are worth checking out. There are tons and tons of spanking movies and thousands of spank images eady to download, theres that much content you aint going to know what to do with it lol. Anyway check out the sites and if some thing takes your fancy then sign up now.

Join a spanking site today

Forget all those tube sites out there churning out bad quality spank movies, what you want is the real deal and thats joining up to these sites the right way. All you need to do is hit the join button and enjoy your little bit of spanking heaven. Real British spanking as you have never seen before. Once you have joined you can start downloading as much of the spanking movies as you want. Enjoy updates of new spanking movies and a whole load more.

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Friends of ours

1. World spanking sites

I love to watch a naughty Brit get her bare bottom spanked and have joined up to 8 of the best spanking sites of all time. All sites feature British amateurs getting bottoms spanked, from strict masters and mistresses punishing them to boyfriends dishing over the knee spankings you will find it all here. Check out these sites for yourselves and enjoy some of the best spanking porn of all time.

#1: Women spanking men

Women spanking men is a site which features strict dommes and mistresses beating their subs, sissies and slaves asses. Now i love nothing more than a woman take the lead and dish out these bum beating movies. Women spanking men has been on the web for over 4 years now and has tons and tons of hardcore movies in the archive ready to download right now. If you fancy getting your arses beaten by a woman then just simply click on the application on their website and let these mistresses give you a good hard beating.

#2: Real spanking institute

Real spanking insitute is home to Real Spankings, Real Discipline, Corporal Punishment dished out by men and women who think naughty ladies need a good hard ass punishment. These women featured on this site are so damn bad they do things like missing lecutres, cheat on their partners and much worse so they deserve the punishments they get. Join today for as little as $19.95 and enjoy 3 weekly updates, 100% exclusive content and a whole load more.


#3: Bi spankings

Bi spankings is a site that focuses on girlfriends dishing out punishments to their sexy girlfriends. Bisexual spanking site brings you pictures and video of spankings and corporal punishment from real discipline sessions. Now these horny girls must have done something bad to piss their girlfriends off to deserve the ass beatings they got. These sluts get their bums beaten until they are red raw and the girls are begging their lovers to stop. Join now and watch these hot bisexual spanking movies tonight,

#4: Firm hand spanking

Firm hand spankings features beautiful women from all over the United kingdom who receive strict punishments and severe spankings that will leave you mouth open and speechless.All movies featured on this website is filmed in HD and features top spanking models such as Samantha Woodley, Alison Miller and a whole load more. Movies on firm hand spanking includes OTK spanking to school discipline with a paddle, the cain, slippers, bare hand spankings and a whole load more. You can not go wrong with firm hand spanking trust me :-)

#5: Girls bottoms

Girls bottoms features the hottest asses around. Enjoy thousands of exclusive bare bum pictures and HD quality bare ass movies. If you like to check out a bare peachy ass then make sure you give girls bottoms a try. Whats good about this site is that it doesn't just offer bare spanking, it also features hot Brits fingering or toying their peachy arse and sexy movies of women jiggling their bottoms in front of the camera. Join right now and get access to the sexiest bums in the world.

#6: Spanking online

Spanking online is the original spanking site which features real hardcore and amateur british spanking movies, from OTK, to school disipline, cainging, taking the slipper and a whole load more. These women are punished until the girls bare bums are read raw, Just listen to these naughty Brits begging their torturers to stop. The more they beg the more their bums are beaten harder. Get access to the best spanking movies today with spanking online.